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A Senior Living Marketing Video That Works (And Why)

By on May 28, 2013 • 0 Comments


Mother and daughter featured in “The Decision” which can be viewed below.¬†

The Decision. It’s About Truth.

I’ve seen a lot of senior living marketing videos in my day. For the most part, if I’m able to make it through the first minute without rolling my eyes or falling asleep, it’s a¬†miracle. Most of these things are either terribly produced by somebody who still thinks using clip art, fancy text effects, stock images and cheesy background music is a good idea; or totally over-produced with fake people following a carefully crafted script designed to make me think the community is God’s gift to my mother and written by the company’s marketing person. You know what I mean.

So when I ran across this video (below), which was just produced by Andrea Ellen over at Maplewood Senior Living, I was so giddy that somebody finally gets it, I just had to share. The video, which is appropriately named, “The Decision,” simply works, and here’s why: it’s not selling anything. Yep, that’s correct. This marketing video is not trying to sell me anything. What it is doing is telling me the truth.

The video tells the true stories of two very real people. People just like you or me, who were faced with a very daunting decision – keep mom home (which is what mom wants), or move her into an assisted living community (which is what we think would be best).

The first story, which I’ll call “The Crisis,” is about having to make the decision after mom nearly burns the house down and then takes a fall, breaking her shoulder. The second story, which I’ll call “The Changes,” is about a family who watches mom gradually lose her memory and deteriorate to the point where she can no longer care for herself (sound familiar?).

The video feels organic and authentic. It focuses on the emotional experiences of family members who had to make a painful decision. It doesn’t sugarcoat the process, but it leaves the viewer feeling positive and hopeful. It allows for discussion about fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and guilt without trying to sell the community to the viewer. In fact, the word “Maplewood” is only mentioned once in the nearly 6 minute production. Finally, it highlights the community’s philosophy and approach by showcasing a dementia care expert who works there. Take a look…

This video is a valuable digital asset that Maplewood can share across multiple channels (website, blog, social, mobile) with their current and prospective audiences – and then track how much traffic and engagement it generates. This allows them to measure ROI. Kudos to Andrea Ellen and Maplewood for a job well done.

Interested in doing a video like this for your company? Contact us. We can help.

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