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Griswold Home Care Hiring A “Content Marketing Manager”

By on December 20, 2012 • One Comment

For Home Care Agencies Trying To Compete On The Web, This Changes Everything.

Griswold Home Care

If you want to know where online marketing and social media are headed for the home care industry, just take a look at Griswold Home Care who recently published a job posting for a “Content Marketing Manager.” As we’ve noted many times before on this blog, content is like currency on the web and in order to compete in an increasingly digital world, home care agencies, elder care companies, and other health care sector businesses are having to grapple with how to become online publishers as well as healthcare providers.

Griswold has a sophisticated online infrastructure with a new content-rich website with Live Chat feature, as well as a blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, YouTube Channel, Google+ Page, Pinterest Page, and LinkedIn Page. All of those online properties are interconnected and designed to help Griswold attract and engage new and existing customers. But Griswold’s online presence requires management, monitoring, and content. – and a lot of it.

Creating quality digital media content that is brand consistent, search optimized, relevant to target audience segments (customer personas), and able to be deployed across multiple channels (website, social media, email, mobile) is not something most home care agencies, or most businesses for that matter, have the capacity to do or the time to manage. I mean, just take a look at the responsibilities and requirements on this job posting.

So how do you compete with the likes of Griswold Home Care and others who can afford to recruit top talent to create content and manage an online community for them? 

One way is to build a stellar internal team of content creators and social media managers:

  1. Identify the social media geeks in your company. These are the folks that use social media in their personal lives all the time – and they love it.
  2. Bring them together and tap into their ideas and talents.
  3. Put together policies, guidelines, and best practices.
  4. Build them a social platform, like a company blog or a Facebook Page where they can post news, events, photos, articles, and become the social face of your company.

Another way is to partner with a Digital Agency that understands your business and your customers. Digital Agencies can assist with strategy, design & development, social media, content, analytics, SEO, training, coaching, and much more. If you want to learn more about how a Digital Agency can help your business compete on the web, contact us. We’ll help you figure out what would work best for your company – even if you don’t become our client. It’s what we do.

View samples of some of our work and see what our clients have to say here.

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    Just completed my graduation and checking out for any opportunity for myself. Stumbled up on this site and loved it for the information it shares related to the career. Appreciable for your efforts for bringing to us opportunities like these.

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