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BrightStar Launches “CareTogether” Online Service

By on April 24, 2012 • 50 Comments


Back in 2010, we featured BrightStar Care’s social media prowess in this interview.¬†It was clear then that BrightStar understood the power of social technology to bring people together. So I wasn’t surprised when I saw this article on Mashable showcasing...

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7 Things Every Senior Living, Home Care and LTC Provider Wants to Know About Social Media

By on June 29, 2010 • 69 Comments


I co-manage a vibrant online community for senior care marketers called the Daily Grind, and every so often, I pose a question to the community members. Back in April, 2010, I asked this: If you could ask any question about...

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7 Best Social Media Tools For Senior Living And Long-Term Care

By on November 30, 2009 • 68 Comments

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As we’ve seen from my Social Media Success interview series and related posts, innovative senior living and LTC companies are beginning to discover the many benefits of social media and online community. These early adopters are paving the way for...

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California’s Largest Retirment Community Kicks Butt Using Social Media

By on September 23, 2009 • 2,657 Comments


This is the first post in our new Social Media Success Series, which features interviews with innovative senior living, eldercare, home care, and dementia care providers who are using social media as a business tool. If you would like to...

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Web Savvy Senior Living Companies Are Making The Move To Social Media. Are You?

By on September 16, 2009 • 120 Comments


In a recent¬†blog post, Samir Balwani discussed the concept of the “Social Media Hub.” Social media hubs are social websites where content creation, community building and social engagement takes place for companies and organizations. Some pioneering senior living companies are...

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